Do you have minutes included in your landline or mobile package that regularly go to waste? Do you know whether it’s cheaper to call your friends on your landline or mobile?

CleverCall does.

Simply dial the number and our servers in the Cloud will work out what is the cheapest way of making the call. Our servers look at your packages and call patterns to determine this. The call is then placed for you, saving you money.


Have you ever gone to use your landline and had to look up the number on your mobile first?

From the CleverCall app just pick the number that you want to dial from your Contacts and CleverCall will place the call on your landline or mobile, whichever is cheaper. CleverCall is able to use your mobile phone’s Contacts. You can also dial a number directly using the keyboard or from the call history.

CleverCall dial using keypad CleverCall contacts list CleverCall call history

Take your landline with you

Never miss a landline call again. The CleverCall app connects back to your CleverCall device either through 3G data or WiFi connection giving you access to your landline.

Imagine being on holiday, lying by the pool and being able to answer your landline calls on your smartphone through the hotels free WiFi. The possibilities are limitless ... at the office, away for the weekend, at a match etc.

Call history

With CleverCall you can see not only the calls made through CleverCall but all of your landline’s call history. CleverCall allows you to keep track of all call activity on your landline. This can help manage costs.

CleverCall call history CleverCall call history missed calls CleverCall call history incoming calls CleverCall call history outgoing calls
CleverCall join landline call CleverCall line seized

Phone Aware

CleverCall is able to tell you what is happening on your landline. Do you want to join a call but your not a home? No problem with CleverCall you can.

Customisable Behaviour

CleverCall allows you to customise your app to behave as you like.

customize your CleverCall experience
CleverCall upnp debugging

Diagnostic Tools

Built in to the application are many tools that will help you to fix any issues that might arise. Our customer service department can use these tools to help fix issues quickly.

Call Statistics

CleverCall gives you the ability to see more detail on how often you call a given number or a given phone contact (including home, mobile, work etc.), with an interactive pie chart. Simply find a contact and press the blue arrow to see the details.

CleverCall call statistics